Len (tenore) wrote,

Free tickets available

For those who still read my journal and enjoy classical music:

January 21,22,23 (Thurs, Fri., and Sat) at 8pm, the BSO and the TFC (of which I will be one) will be performing:

James MacMillan's St. John Passion (American premiere; BSO co-commission)

MacMillan is a contemporary composer, so it will sound not quite like Bach. While some of it is tonally challenging and a bitch to sing, most of it is quite melodic and beautiful.

Every so often the BSO throws the TFC a bone by giving us free tickets to concerts.

I will have 2 tickets to Thursday's (1/21) performance which I will not use. The tickets I have gotten in the past have always been decent and sometimes been excellent.

I don't read LJ anymore, so I will give the tickets to the first person who emails me.

Keep an eye on this space for future offers.
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